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Boost was founded in 2007 with a mission to implement process, systems, organisational & behavioural changes in healthcare delivery, in order to improve the patient pathway; its quality and performance, whilst achieving measurable operational and financial gains.
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The patient is at the heart of our work

Prior to founding Boost, we noticed that most management consultancy firms greatly underestimate the extreme complexity of healthcare. Few if any, offer integrated and tailor-made solutions to address the four pillars (processes, systems, organisations, behaviours) of a change management program.

This insight spurred us to truly focus on the patient, not just in words but in action, and develop a unique and holistic approach to simultaneously implement process, systems, organisational and behavioural improvements in healthcare organizations around the world.

The effective and ongoing involvement of doctors, nursing and ancillary staff as well as administrators and managers is also a key aspect of our approach.

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Assessments, organizational transformation & change management projects for healthcare organisations

We have carried out 50+ projects for major hospitals in four continents. During the course of our projects we build such strong and durable partnerships with our clients that we are at times called to act as “Ambassadors” on their behalf.

These long lasting relationships have given rise to broader and ongoing exchanges which go well beyond the consulting engagements themselves and expand to activities and services such as; enabling international partnerships, advising on strategic issues, acting as a “bridge””catalyst” during the deployment of new e-health technologies and more.

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Sample of recommendation letters from our customers*

* 100% of our clients are references!

"Boost Consulting’s team were able to identify and understand the key problems and malfunctions of our hospital and hand in hand with our teams, define and implement appropriate solutions. These actions led to significant improvements both in terms of organisational and efficiency of our processes but also in terms of quality of service and care for our patients."

President of ARCHADE European
Advanced Resource Center for HADrontherapy

"We have truly appreciated our partnership with Boost Consulting, a highly committed team which acts day after day. Their full-time presence, involvement in the field and the utilisation of their participative methodology has led to structured departmental reorganisations and a renewed energy of our teams. Our values at the Cancer Institute of Lorraine, “Team performance, Shared commitments and Equity” are largely embodied by Mr. Starkey and Mr. Montevecchi. It is for this reason that today, we are proud to name and count on them to act as Ambassadors of our Institute."

Professeur Thierry CONROY
General Manager
Institut de Cancérologie de Lorraine

"I, Marc-André Mahé currently acting as CEO of the Francois Baclesse Cancer Center in Caen, France and in the name of our Institution hereby name Lambert Montevecchi of Boost Consulting to represent and assist us in our efforts to identify and establish international partnerships with foreign healthcare organizations [...] Mr. Lambert Montevecchi is a highly trusted person we have known for more than 10 years and whom our Institution has employed in the past to carry out highly strategic missions. He is fully empowered to act and take decisions on our behalf."

Marc-André Mahé
General Manager
Francois Baclesse Cancer Center

The outcome of your work was very useful to us and provided positive results, in particular in helping us focus on specific points you identified. It serves as a guide for implementing changes in order to further improve our organisation. Also, we appreciated the great level of detail you went into as well as the harmonious way in which you worked with our people. I would highly recommend your services to any other healthcare organisation seeking ways to improve their performance and quality level.

Dr. Fawzi Al-Hammouri
General Manager
The Speciality Hospital Amman, Jordan

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