Faithful to our values and in coherence with our founding principles: Humility, Honesty and Enthusiasm we endeavour to magnify your human capital.

We know that change initiatives must always be justified from a financial as well as an operational standpoint. In order for improvements to be effective, your people need to take full ownership of the change process. The human dimension is the foundation of our approach.

Before proceeding, we need to understand all aspects of your operation. Firstly, we undertake a ‘scoping’ exercise consisting of one-on-one interviews with key personnel. This enables us to identify the major issues you face, get to know your team and, importantly, confirm that we are comfortable working with each other.

Once we have determined there is a match between your needs and our offer, we undertake a more detailed investigation. This takes the form of a 2-3 week 'assessment' examining the processes, structures, organisations, systems and behaviours of your organisation. This allows us to gain a full understanding of your objectives, issues, concerns, constraints, current and previous projects, geographical, social and cultural context as well as the history and personalities of managers, doctors and staff.

The main deliverables of the 'assessment' are a very detailed “as is” report backed up with business case scenarios and tailor-made roadmaps. In the case of performance projects, we contractually guarantee our work by committing to ambitious financial objectives.

This paves the way for a successful implementation plan or 'project' (our real added value) which can last between 6 to 12 months. During the project, we are present full-time and spend all of our time “on the floor” with your people: defining, testing and implementing actions which produce the results everyone has been waiting for. 

Everything we do is participative and your teams rapidly take ownership of the methodology and the improvements it is generating. All financial and operational gains are monitored on a weekly basis and signed off by your finance department. This fosters objectivity and makes the results undisputable. The final phase of the project is dedicated to ensuring the proper transfer of know-how and the continuity of improvements and results.

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