Boost was founded in 2007 with a mission to implement process, systems, organizational and behavioral changes in healthcare delivery, in order to improve the patient pathway; its quality and performance, whilst achieving measurable operational and financial gains.

Prior to founding Boost, we noted that most management consultancy firms greatly underestimate the extreme complexity of healthcare. Few if any, were offering integrated and tailor-made solutions to address the four pillars (processes, systems, organisations, behaviours) of a change management program.

This insight spurred us to truly focus on the patient, not just in words but in action, and develop a unique and holistic approach to simultaneously implement process, systems, organisational and behavioural improvements in healthcare organizations around the world. The effective and ongoing involvement of doctors, nursing and ancillary staff as well as administrators and managers is also a key aspect of our approach.

We have carried out 30+ projects for major hospitals in four continents and all are references.  During the course of our projects we are able to build such strong and durable partnerships with our clients that we are called to act as “Ambassadors” giving rise to broader and ongoing exchanges which go well beyond the consulting engagements themselves and reach out to activities such as; enabling international partnerships, advising on certain strategic issues,  acting as a facilitator in the adoption of new e-health technologies and more…

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